One Who Said “No”

A verdict in the civil lawsuit against the State of Israel has been announced at the Haifa District Court. According to Ha’aretz:

On behalf of the Corrie family, attorney Hussain Abu Hussain issued the following statement:

What is astonishing in the ruling: the judge making the claim that no “thinking person” would be present in the brutal war zone of Gaza. Such disparagement echoes comments made in the course of the trial itself, suggesting that Rachel Corrie was acting out of some sort of death wish, a notion properly characterized by the family’s lawyer as “repugnant”:

The following brief video interview, taken two days before her death, provides ample evidence that Rachel Corrie knew exactly why she was there. From the perspective of her experience with the families of Rafah, no “thinking person” could possibly do anything but resist the senseless death and destruction.

While a man with a shopping bag placing himself in the path of a Red Army tank becomes a global icon of heroic resistance to tyranny, a young woman standing in front of an Israeli army bulldozer must be deluded, neurotic or naive. Exposure to the “bloody sire” of Gaza was creating a brave and informed young woman leader – and thereby an enemy of the state, one who must be crushed not only in life but in historical memory as well.

We offer the last email exchange (freely available on the web) between Rachel and her father as compelling documentation for her acute sensitivity to the existential and political complexities of her situation; emphatically not the email of a woman seeking some sort of bleeding heart martyrdom.

Finally, we salute the family of Rachel Corrie for pursuing justice with such intelligence and dignity. In their actions and disposition, they honor the memory of their daughter, as she honored them through her selfless resistance to the senseless carnage of Gaza, as a matter of human conscience. At age 19, Rachel had written to her mother:

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