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The Untouchables

Now comes Naomi Klein with a lucid analysis of one possible though not inevitable outcome from the Age of Covid-19, a post-pandemic shock doctrine that would retrospectively confirm Black Mirror as an anticipatory documentary rather than an exercise in the dystopian imagination. The entire essay is worth close consideration; a brief excerpt below, with an […]

Beyond Human Supremacism

It seems logical that reversing the vast environmental damage caused by the Great Acceleration will require an equally as forceful Great Deceleration. Yet at exactly the time when humans need to do less via dramatic contraction, both economic and biological, we prefer to sustain the delusion that we can fix the broken world with yet […]

Body of Proof

We had intended to explore the ominous acceleration of the Great Melt presently in play throughout the Arctic Circle, yet another voice caught our ears, and held them: that of Caroline Randall Williams. Author of the exceptional hybrid text Lucy Negro Redux, Williams addresses the issue of Confederate monuments in today’s NYT. Excerpts below, with […]

With Ferocious Love

In full support of the extensive non-violent civil disobedience unfolding in London and throughout the world, we relay Extinction Rebellion’s ¬†Declaration of Rebellion, together with a few images from recent actions.               Time is running out; in fact, there is a large volume of data that suggests that time […]

The Widening Gyre

It is impossible to arrive at consensus over what we must collectively do when there is not even the dimmest outline of consensus regarding what is happening, or what part of our imaginary narrative is real. Many years ago, Philip K. Dick identified reality “as that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go […]

Reverence and Awe

This morning, the entire editorial staff of DP spent a productive hour closely observing a quartet of male turkeys making their way through nearby meadows and woodlands: vigilant, alert, very much in touch with each other and with the landscape. We were unable to suppress the recognition that within a few weeks at least half […]