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Inverted Utopians

Günther Anders’ “philosophy of discrepancy” centers around his lucid insight that our Promethean ability to create weapons, tools and productive networks far exceeds our capacity to absorb their implications into thought. As he writes in The Atomic Menace: How do “inverted Utopians” behave? Unimaginably — with an instinctive drive towards disappearance. From his essay The Term: In […]

Of Icebergs and Lifeboats

  One hundred and ten years ago, at twenty minutes before midnight in the North Atlantic, an unsinkable dream machine named Titanic struck an iceberg and sank within three hours, with over 1500 lives lost. The iceberg carried on as before, true to its own implacable nature. Here at DP, we have long interpreted the […]

Viral Revelations

Across the duration of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we have refrained from saying much about Queen Corona, once it became clear we would blithely ignore her deepest lesson, namely that we must change how we are living in relation to the web of life that sustains our earthly presence. A recurring theme within DP for the […]


This week, as we read about plans to expand the deep sea mining of minerals required for electric cars and other “green” consumables such that we might continue living in our human supremacist bubble, we urge consideration of a few prescient remarks from Srećko Horvat, a Croatian philosopher and the author of the recently published […]

Just Too Amazing

As we have noted previously, surely Jeff Bezos occupies a cosmic category all his own within the Annals of Hubris and Delusion. The below excerpts are from a February 2019 interview; images, from the website for this spectacularly toxic and dystopia vision of the future, with captions added by DP.           […]

The Imperative of Love

  Her closing sentence, which should be inscribed in the heavens: The work of these times is not about saving the world but in belonging to it more fully.  

Tapered To A Claw

At this time of year, our thoughts drift to the North Atlantic in the year 1912. Steaming at top speed towards the American dream machine, RMS Titanic represents coal-fired energy; class hierarchy; technophilia; and unabashed hubris. Somewhere out there in the dark, floats a frozen antagonist, representing Deep Time and all those forces that elude […]

Sometimes Lies Are Prettier

A few weeks ago, a report by the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute in Athens was released, with the conclusion that most of the endangered sperm whales that have been found dead in the eastern Mediterranean since 2001 have experienced slow and painful deaths as a result of their stomachs becoming clotted by indigestible globs of plastic, often […]

Precarity and Suicide

We are indebted to Amy Goodman for alerting us to a number of recent suicides among professional taxi and livery drivers in New York City, under tremendous stress as a result of the so-called gig economy, as expressed in app-based “disruptive” enterprises such as Uber and Lyft. According to the co-founder of the New York Taxi […]

In Grace and Reverence

In recent years, the values embedded in a classical liberal arts education have come under sustained attack, cannibalized from within and degraded from all sides. Deep explorations of philosophy and art are considered worthless in the labor markets of the vast data mine that increasingly dominates every aspect of our economies, our behaviors and eventually […]