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Learned Helplessness

Since the early days of DP, we have proposed that the network of black sites and detention facilities assembled under the cover of the War on Terror must be understood in all its multiple identities: as punitive incarceration, obviously; as a pedagogy, with the rest of the world as student body; and as a behavioral […]

The Untouchables

Now comes Naomi Klein with a lucid analysis of one possible though not inevitable outcome from the Age of Covid-19, a post-pandemic shock doctrine that would retrospectively confirm Black Mirror as an anticipatory documentary rather than an exercise in the dystopian imagination. The entire essay is worth close consideration; a brief excerpt below, with an […]

A Place of Harm

During his recent State of the Union address, the deranged individual presently pretending to be President announced that he would reverse Obama’s 2009 executive order to close the Guantánamo Bay detention center. Now comes Dr. Homer Venters, director of programs at Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), with the following statement in response to this dangerous change […]

Nuit Debout

The state of exception described by Giorgio Agamben requires mass obedience and learned helplessness, such that individual and collective agency dissipates into passive consumption of mindless diversions and junk culture. Yet as the vampiric politics and economics of neoliberalism reach obscene levels of exclusion, incarceration, inequality and greed, increasing numbers of people refuse to accept […]


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The Biopolitical Paradigm

The American Psychological Association has declined to proceed with formal charges against Dr. John Leso, who served as a “behavioral consultant” during the prolonged torture of Mohammed Al-Qahtani in 2002. In a letter responding to Dr. Trudy Bond, the APA ethics committee claims that its own rules and protocols preclude sanctions against Dr. Leso, since the […]

Bare Life

On January 11, marking twelve years of existence for the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Major General Michael Lehndert, who served as the complex’s first commanding officer, released the following statement: Though we applaud the general’s courage in publicly expressing such strongly worded dissent, his statement implies that Guantanamo Bay is some sort of perverse […]

The Unblinking Eye

Almost exactly a decade ago, in November 2002, DARPA released a hot new brand into the marketplace of national security: Total Information Awareness (TIA). With its motto Scientia Est Potentia, intended to convey in primitive Latin the commonplace idea that knowledge is power, TIA would be directed by former perjurer John Poindexter to “imagine, develop, apply, integrate, […]

Proof Through the Night

The record of a single day in the life of detainee 063 (Mohammed al-Qahtani), as recorded from the “Secret ORCON” interrogation log; the scene opens with the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.  10 December 2002 0000: Interrogation team entered the booth and played the national anthem. Detainee was made to stand and put his […]