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The Tables Turned

Now comes Duncan Watts, identified as the principal researcher at Microsoft Research, and thereby a True Believer in the social welfare merits of behavioral research performed upon users of social media networks. Worried that the recent outcry over a study of “emotional contagion” might lead to a backlash that may considerably shrink the number of […]

Emotional Contagion

One of our main themes here at DP: Our social life-world has become increasingly transformed into a vast data mine, an extractive and highly lucrative corporate bonanza in which the “mine” is our own subjectivity, together with whatever is left of our communities and collective identities.  The behavioral psychology lab offers the dominant social organizational model, […]

Not A Bug Splat

Now comes a simple yet powerful project inspired by the peripatetic JR, created through the collaboration of unnamed artists (no doubt fearful of being classified as “terrorist sympathizers”) with local villagers, and supported by human rights organizations Reprieve and the Foundation for Fundamental Rights. From the artists’ own site: In a useful drone strike lexicon compiled by the […]

Beyond the Cell

Now comes Judge Brian A. Jackson, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Louisiana, with a ruling that overturns Herman Wallace’s conviction for the 1974 murder of a prison guard, granting him full habeas relief based on the systematic exclusion of women from the Grand Jury, in violation of the 14th […]

The Crying of Lot 160

An item identified as a Ronald Reagan Blood Vial is presently on offer: The seller helpfully includes a detailed narrative describing the item’s provenance: “These articles have actually been in my family’s possession since 03/30/1981, the day that President Reagan was shot in Washington D.C. Back in the 70’s and 80’s, my mother worked for […]

Nothing to Hide

In his remarkably prescient book The Naked Crowd, published in 2004, law professor Jeffrey Rosen reports on an informal experiment conducted with groups of students and adults in the years following the events of 9/11. He asked them to imagine two machines designed to enhance public security at airports; a Naked Machine, which used microwaves […]