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After the White Noise

Reactions to the release of the long-awaited Torture Report (or at least its executive summary) are extensively documented elsewhere. Having spent countless hours over the past three years investigating various dimensions within the lengthy and extensive history of American torture, we offer a few remarks: 1. Much of the discussion appears to accept a false premiss […]


A correspondent has alerted us to a “performance” by the celebrity-artist (?) Marina Abramovic. At first we thought that the press release and “show” must be some sort of hoax, expressed through outpourings of philosophical gibberish. Surely this must all be some sort of sly spoof on the narcissism and grandiosity of the Art World, […]


Each day, we gaze out our window at our DP writing desk, and we try to think like the mountains we see in the distance. It is a humbling ambition. We have been reading Vicious, Jon Coleman’s fiercely engaged history of human efforts to torture and exterminate wolves. We strongly recommend that DP readers purchase […]

We Are the Centuries

Rebecca Gordon prompted us to re-read a book we may have treated unfairly in past years, Alasdair MacIntyre’s After Virtue, a book whose meticulous dissection of various bodies within moral philosophy we now find both profoundly revealing regarding what ails us during this period of cultural darkness, and instructive with regards to that vexing question […]

Emotional Contagion

One of our main themes here at DP: Our social life-world has become increasingly transformed into a vast data mine, an extractive and highly lucrative corporate bonanza in which the “mine” is our own subjectivity, together with whatever is left of our communities and collective identities.  The behavioral psychology lab offers the dominant social organizational model, […]

Completely Destroyed

Should anyone still be baffled by the utter collapse of USA moral authority in the dark world of global politics, we recommend a close reading of a recent report submitted by a noted forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Emily Keram, as part of a renewed effort to secure the release of Shaker Aamer, a British resident still […]

The Biopolitical Paradigm

The American Psychological Association has declined to proceed with formal charges against Dr. John Leso, who served as a “behavioral consultant” during the prolonged torture of Mohammed Al-Qahtani in 2002. In a letter responding to Dr. Trudy Bond, the APA ethics committee claims that its own rules and protocols preclude sanctions against Dr. Leso, since the […]

Bare Life

On January 11, marking twelve years of existence for the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay, Major General Michael Lehndert, who served as the complex’s first commanding officer, released the following statement: Though we applaud the general’s courage in publicly expressing such strongly worded dissent, his statement implies that Guantanamo Bay is some sort of perverse […]

Against All Logic

As our 2013 navigations come to a close, we bend an ear to Uruguayan president José Mujica who said in a recent interview, “I’m just sick of the way things are. We’re in an age in which we can’t live without accepting the logic of the market. Contemporary politics is all about short-term pragmatism. We […]


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