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In a recent essay titled “How to Think”, Chris Hedges writes:

Arendt’s comments (including her own allusion to the Epicurean lathe biosas), were made within the context of her acceptance speech for the Danish Sonning Prize, given every two years for significant contributions to European civilization, and whose recipients include many writers and artists with whom we have (happily) wrestled: Pamuk, Enzensberger, Barba, Kieslowski and Habermas. Arendt received the prize in 1975, and used the occasion to offer a brilliant , subtle and quite humorous discursive resistance to the entire idea of recognition-in-philosophy:

Hedge’s reference to Arendt’s comments on the inability to think comes from an entirely different source, her book The Life of the Mind, where further along she also writes:

Hedges closes his own essay with another echo from Arendt:


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