Delta Depository

Awesome Strangers

The Obedience Box

Beneath the Golden Arches

The Mean Maxima

Inscrutable Things

Bullet Holes and Blinks

Not My Alma Mater

Agents in the Dark Wood

The Game of Death

New and Better Ways

The Hungry Raven

Elementary Formula

No Conscience

Concubines and Predators

Wrestling With Modernity


The Tranquilizer

On A Clear Day

Total Theater

Proof Through the Night

The Perfectionist

Dark Eros

The Hopkins Feet 

Pancakes and Worms

The Way to Heaven

Dimly, Hard to Say Why

Nothing to Hide

The Willful Child

Sorry for the Inconvenience

The Answer My Friend

Luftschiff Hindenburg

Cronus With His Sickle

If You Are Human

True Corruption

The Crying of Lot 160

The London Whale

Come, Thick Night

Venus in Sole Visa

The Human Snake

The Little School

Predator Nation

The Mysterious Core

Even in the Sleeper

Such is the Depth

Rhythms of Erasure

The God Particle

Autonomy and Connection

Live in Hiding

Storms of Thought

Your Worst Enemy

Fortress of Seclusion

Three Sheets

The Core Account

Sans Soleil

Moral Predators

Bones to Philosophy

Made Out of Meat

Ruin Value

We Are the Dark Side

Free Pussy Riot

The Bloody Sire

Double Ice Axe

Don’t Look Back

Expertise and Emptiness

Like a River Flows

None Else By

Turning and Turning

With a Brain Confounded

Not One Bone

Everyone is Ill

A Secret Violence

The Fire Pit

Marfa Lights

The Iceberg Waits

One for the Thumb

Aliens at the Gate

Severe Harmony

Violence of the Hobbled

Iktomi, Deerslayer and Clouds

All Hail the Denominator

In Quiet Refusal

Take the Square

Like This We Descend

The Unblinking Eye

Names, Places and Moral Things

Transparent and Obscure

The Sun Dancer

Dangerous Bones

The Past is a Predator

Toxic Mockery

To A Louse

Tempered in Hell

We Are Bradley Manning

The Life Breakers

Pedagogy for a Dead Conscience

Now That We Know

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