One for the Thumb


The Twittersphere typically passes us by. Every now and then, however, someone emits tweets so foul that we cannot screen them out. It’s as if we are sitting next to a man at a raw bar who suddenly burps up a couple of punky oysters – and they land on our napkin.

So it goes with recent tweets from a hashtag named Blake Hounsend, who lists himself as the managing editor of Foreign Policy, a publication that those who fancy themselves part of the global ruling elite like to leave on their desks to feign gravitas.

The context? A discussion of the devastating effects of economic sanctions on the civilian population of Iran. In the perverted logic of imperial DC, the death of a “couple thousand” Iranians becomes a “humanitarian” alternative.

Burped up oyster number 1:

Burped up oyster number 2:

The notion that we should rather follow a policy that refrains from harming innocent civilians, most of whom are living barely above subsistence, appears to have been edited off the page by Mr. Hounshell and his ilk.

On the Foreign Policy website, we find the following bio:

We suggest that Mr. Hounshell’s capacity for moral discernment is as mangled as his Arabic. In place of a functioning conscience, we find a hollow shell; in place of thought, we find a thumb. Lamentably, such qualities make him a man for our times. Chalk one up for the thumb!

As Glenn Greenwald points out in his forensic analysis of the same two burped oysters:

Greenwald closes with a question that Foreign Policy is unlikely to contemplate in its next, or any, issue —

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