Nurtured Into Being

Now comes philosopher Iain McGilchrist with closing thoughts from a recent lecture on the deeply relational nature of human consciousness. The entire lecture is worthy of close consideration.

Images added by DP, and relayed form the website of Aman Badhwar, a distinguished interdisciplinary researcher in the realm of neuro-connectivity.










Where Poetry Sings

Now comes the 23rd Poet Laureate Joy Harjo with her signature project, Living Nations, Living Words. Click on the image to explore the story map.






Now come Penobscot national tribal ambassador Maulian Dana; Penobscot Nation citizen Neptune Adams; and Upstander Project co-founder Adam Mazo, announcing the limited public release of their timely documentary, Bounty, linked through the below image.




For more discussion of the Phips Bounty Proclamation:


“They tried to bury us, but they did not know that we were seeds.”



In Praise of Fungi

Now comes Giuliana Furci, founder of the Fungi Foundation, dedicated to celebrating and protecting fungi, without which the world as we know it would not exist. A few passages from a recent essay below, with images added by DP.







Conference of the Polluters

Now comes indigenous climate activist Tom Goldtooth with a few cogent observations following the opening days of COP26, as relayed from a recent interview. Images added by DP.






Compassion’s Exile

We are grateful to DP friend and correspondent Janet Coster for steering us towards a passage from A Spirituality Named Compassion, by Mathew Fox. First published in 1979, every word still rings true during a time when compassion seems not only exiled, but extinguished.

Images from a series titled “Entanglement,” relayed from the website of artist Diana Scherer.






A slightly elaborated context for the quote from Simone Weil:


How We Live

Now comes DP correspondent Joseph Jackson following a week during which the mainstream media have been flooded with stories of “green jobs”, massive wind farms and other delusions of technotopian hubris, intended to assure us that the deepening climate emergency can be resolved without the slightest change in how we live.

Advance excerpts from an essay-in-progress below, with a single image added by DP.



Geomorphic Symptomology For an Emerging Addiction




In Light of the Rotten Moon

This week, we serve to amplify indigenous voices raised in opposition to the Nevada Thacker Pass lithium mine project.

First, an excerpt from the October 1 Press release:



Second, a more general statement from the People of Red Mountain. Images added by DP, relayed from the Protect Thacker Pass website:











How Long?

Now comes Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, speaking at the Youth4Climate Conference Milan. The image links to a video, as relayed from Democracy Now.

The video also includes Greta Thunberg’s “Blah, Blah, Blah” speech, misleading as a transcript, but very clear and powerful via the video.

Neither Nakate nor Thunberg (nor the thousands of youth climate activists who later marched in the streets) are fooled by the feckless slogans and cynical accounting games presently masquerading as climate policy.

A few days after her speech and not far from Milan, Italy’s Genoa province experienced close to three feet of rain within 24 hours; a new European record, whatever that means.

How long shall the land mourn?





Back On Earth

We stay with The Ecological Citizen this week, with a plea from editor Eileen Crist to stop tying ourselves up in identity knots and stand solidly on the hard reality (and responsibility) of shared common ground. Image added by DP.