Heavy Footprints

A faithful DP reader has alerted us to a graphic that speaks, well, millions of tons about the current state of affairs here on groaning earth:


Former NASA roboticist Randall Munroe extracted relevant data from Vaclav Smil’s invaluable The Earth’s Biosphere: Evolution, Dynamics, and Change to create the above all too telling visualization of Earth’s land mammals (humans at the heavy heart of the matter) by weight.

On that note, beginning on Sunday morning, the entire editorial and support staff for DP will set forth from Harpers Ferry on the Appalachian Trail, hiking in a generally northerly direction. Thus postings may be as scarce as wild animals, for the next several weeks.

We intend to pack light, or even ultralight, and hope to shed a few pounds from the above graphic, over the course of five hundred miles or so. We also intend to leave no trace of our passing, save for a few random jottings in shelter journals.

Lastly, we intend to sing along with the Rising Appalachia, as we occupy the AT:


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