Child Of That Hour

Today, as Florence makes landfall and releases her vast quantities of water, we offer a poem by Conrad Aiken, Hatteras Calling.

Cape Hatteras defines a southerly coastline for Hatteras Island, among the barrier islands of the so-called Outer Banks and in the path of over one hundred hurricanes during the past century and a half. In August 1889, a surgeon named William Aiken and his very pregnant wife embarked on a voyage along the North Carolina coast. One account reads as follows:

Their ship was caught in a hurricane, floundering against the rocky shore off Cape Hatteras, and William and Anna were handed to safety with the air of a human chain formed by the crew only a short time before a wave washed away the deckhouse where their cabin was located. But Anna suffered no ill effects, and she and her husband reached their new home . There on August 5, 1899, their first child was born . ”

A child they named Conrad, who in 1942 would write the following lines:



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