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Free Pussy Riot

With a deep elective affinity for the young women of Pussy Riot, we add our voice to those demanding their immediate freedom. We understand that the suppression of their voices signifies only the tip of a very large iceberg, yet some tips are more revealing than others. Here is the August 16 Letter to Supporters from band member Nadia Tolokonnikova,  followed by a a translation courtesy of EngPussyRiot:

The relevant passage from Kant’s Religion Within the Limits of Reason Alone:


On the other side of the dialectic, we offer a brief quote from the lengthy disquisition by the presiding judge in this most conspicuous show trial, as provided by the Guardian’s live blog:


Here is the full text for the punk-prayer that led to Pussy Riot “incrimination”, with thanks again to the Guardian’s live blog feed:

Why is Vladimir Putin so terrified of Pussy Riot? Because they have him, nailed. For such astute and truthful analysis, they must be punished. Russian history is full of brutal kleptocrats pretending to have authority conferred directly by God; in a previous epoch, such individuals were called “czars”.