Deep Time


A faithful correspondent recently reminded us of the writings of philosopher Joanna Macy, particularly her thoughts on the need to retrieve a deeper, slower sense of time, if we are to have any chance whatsoever of surviving the suicidal and ecocidal implications of the terminal-velocity anthropocene:









There is no better place to contemplate and embody the rhythms of deep time than the Appalachian Trail, where we were reminded of our transient insignificance with every climb through the densely wooded moraine.

Humans are designed to be walkers; walking moves through time and space at a speed we can handle. The lethal anthropocene remakes us as sedentary finger twitchers, and the DP staff is not excluded from this fate. Yet over the past weeks, we definitely reconnected to the earth and to the night sky, and we return to our desks lighter in both flesh and spirit – released from old fears, and in awe of our larger story.

Along the way we connected to that remarkable community of fellow walkers, with trail names such as Triple Canopy, Firefly, Honey Badger, Fusion and Goat Girl. Their resilience and open embrace of life revives our conviction that there is a viable path towards the future, if only we can find the courage and the will to slow down, breathe deeply and love every step, even when the toes are screaming.


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