Power and Violence


Revolted by the ongoing carnival of death and chaos staged in the name of slaying the devil, we have been meditating upon Hannah Arendt’s ever-lucid analysis of the relationship between power and violence:


Along a similar pathway of thought, we urge consideration of a recent op-ed by Brad Evans, the founder of the exemplary histories of violence project.

The image below, like the one above, is by Michaël Borremans, whose astonishing work we have only recently discovered, on recommendation from a Belgian correspondent.



More from Evans:


Those who wish to slay the devil need to contemplate the appalling image that resides inside their own mirror.

We look forward to reading Evans’ latest book, Resilient Life: The Art of Living Dangerously, co-authored with Julian Reid. For now, we close with one final image from Borremans, with affirmation for the true, integral power of his art.


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