A Perverse Divergence

From the vigilant chroniclers of the ever-accelerating Arctic ice melt, we have received the following update:





Not to worry, though; climate change is yesterday’s news, old hat. Best to ignore the Doom & Gloomers and focus on something more positive: though the viability of the entire species may be in question, as individuals we can live forever!

Longevity is fully capitalized; immortality incorporated. For those able to pay the price, aging will soon become a thing of the past. Isn’t that exciting?



In the face of overwhelming evidence of the fatal consequences of our interference with nature, we respond with ever more insane (though “scientifically sound”) interference. We are reminded of a passage from The Human Condition, penned by the hand of Hannah Arendt way back in 1957:


Severing ourselves from the “free gift from nowhere”, we make this deadly trade as one final embodiment of hubris amidst the furies of our own collective disappearance. Wealthy humans shall achieve an indefinitely extended longevity in exactly the same blink of geological time when the rare and fragile ecological conditions that sustain homo sapiens recede back into the mysterious infinity of the cosmos. Such are the perverse divergences of our possessed rebellion.


Below, a detail from a painting by Bill Lynch, Caught in the Spider Web.


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