From the Memory of Joy

A central theme for DP over the years: the violence we do to other life forms, and to our living earth, will eventually become manifest within our own bodies, hearts and brains. Such manifestations are inevitable, given that — despite our delusional protestations to the contrary — we are part of nature, and not lords over her.

Now comes artist Gillian Genser, whose generous, luminous presence in the face of tragic agonies was brought to our attention by a faithful DP reader, for which we are deeply grateful. What magnificent creations, birthed from Genser’s studio, at the cost of her own health and well-being!

The below testimony, first published elsewhere, is relayed below with permission from the author. Images are from her website, where her entire body of exquisite work, made from the memory of joy, can be studied and celebrated.









 “Re-expressing what should have been our first human perceptions of the ecosystem, his brain contains butterfly pupae and a filigree depiction of an intercellular/ inter-ecosystem network as he ponders our place in the world.”



“His heart (a fragile brachiopod) displays an opal (symbolizing hope for our planet) where the shell’s inhabitant one resided.”




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