Tyranny of Mammon

There was a bit of nervous tittering and tweeting among the clotted toffs and nabobs assembled at Davos when even the Crown Prince of the Windsor dynasty suggested the need for a “revolutionary paradigm shift”.  Wait — what?

Below, we turn to a few crystalline paragraphs written by Humanities professor Eugene McCarraher way back in 2011, yet ringing ever more truly during the present “forever hunger” omnicide. Italics and images added by DP.









We highly recommend Professor McCarraher’s recently published The Enchantments of Mammon: How Capitalism Became the Religion of Modernity,  through which he amply expands on the above with rare historical insight, subtlety and wit.


We also take a moment to commemorate the comic genius of Terry Jones, as embodied by our favorite avatar of Mammon here at DP: the immortal Mr. Creosote. The setting is a well-known bistro at Davos frequented by peckish members of the World Economic Forum, who observe Mr. C. from an unsafe distance……..



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