Body of Proof

We had intended to explore the ominous acceleration of the Great Melt presently in play throughout the Arctic Circle, yet another voice caught our ears, and held them: that of Caroline Randall Williams. Author of the exceptional hybrid text Lucy Negro Redux, Williams addresses the issue of Confederate monuments in today’s NYT.

Excerpts below, with an interwoven image relayed from Stephen Haye’s installation, Cash Crop, about which we have more to say in a future DP.




Through a range of forms and voices, Lucy Negro Redux explores the possibility, if not the likelihood, that the “dark lady” so vibrantly brought to life in Shakespeare’s sonnets was of African descent. The book has since been adapted for the stage by the Nashville Ballet, with an informative documentary précis below:



We close with a few words from the text:

“I am a potato, a beetroot. Not a precious bird or jewel, but a dirt-dug tube. Rustle me up, rub me all over, and I will muddle your interiors with flecks of brown earth.”


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