A Gaudy Illusion

On this most auspicious Juneteenth, we relay the voice of Tamara Winfrey-Harris, author of The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America.  Excerpts from her op-ed below:



The reference to Ellison descends from his unfinished novel, Juneteenth:

“Words of Emancipation didn’t arrive until the middle of June so they called it Juneteenth. So that was it, the night of Juneteenth celebration, his mind went on. The celebration of a gaudy illusion.


We are reminded of another Ellison quote, this one from Invisible Man:

“The clock ticked with empty urgency, as though trying to catch up with the time. In the street a siren howled.”


With that siren still howling, we close with the voice of Martha Redbone singing, No More Auction Blocks:



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