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Wondrous Mystery

During this time of year, we reflect on the mirabile mysterium, the word made flesh; that explosive presence of the divine as expressed through the birth of Jesus.

In the story of Mary, we are also reminded of the sacred nature of words; that the power of speech itself might well be considered as a sacred offering. It would then follow that when we abuse said power to deceive, manipulate or incite violence against each other or against other sentient beings, we are performing acts of profound desecration.

In the spirit of such reflections, a recent interview caught our ear, with Karen Armstrong discussing key themes explored in her magnificent and essential book, The Lost Art of Scripture. Excerpts below, followed by a link to a spirited performance of the Jacobus Gallus setting for Mirabile Mysterium, as performed by La Main Harmonique.



The Perennial Philosophy

During this period where the most violent mammals ever to walk upon the planet earth appear to be entering a downward spiral of chaos and destruction, we have been turning to the writings of Karen Armstrong. Consider the following passage from her lucid study, A Short History of Myth:




Let us pray to the Gods, all the Gods, that we learn right action in this world of the living, through an embrace of all that which is richer, stronger and more enduring than our fleeting human existence. Let us create new myths from the immanence of our own disappearance; and let this new mythology resound with compassion at its heart.