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Adagio Against Fear

Parallel to the coronavirus pandemic, we have a toxic infodemic that magnifies the sense of helplessness and fear. Here at DP, we struggle every day with the question: what more can we do to help navigate such riptides?

At the very least, we can keep a close ear to those who best understand the genesis of what we are facing, such as the voice of David Quammen whose Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic was published in 2012. Excerpts from a recent Orion interview below.





For a book, we would encourage settling in with Richard Powers’ The Overstory. Two of our favorite quotes below:

“People aren’t the apex species they think they are. Other creatures-bigger, smaller, slower, faster, older, younger, more powerful-call the shots, make the air, and eat sunlight. Without them, nothing.”

“You and the tree in your backyard come from a common ancestor. A billion and a half years ago, the two of you parted ways. But even now, after an immense journey in separate directions, that tree and you still share a quarter of your genes. . . .” 


And finally, a link to an outstanding performance of the Albinoni Adagio, offered as protection against useless panic and fear:




Untitled Future Mutation

We are grateful to a DP correspondent for steering us towards an outstanding report by Sonia Shah in the pages of The Nation, shedding fresh and necessary light on the genesis of COVID 19 and other microbial pathogens. Excerpts below, with images from the studio of Luke Jerram, offering different perspectives on his sublime Untitled Future Mutation, from which we borrow this week’s title.





Unfortunately, resources for risk reduction have recently been eviscerated by a political entity who appears not to believe in science, any science.  Yet denial and obfuscation only work until blazing realities on the ground clear the fog and make us face the implications and consequences of past behaviors.

Returning to Sonia Shah, whose book titled Pandemic is on order here at DP: