Reading the Ashes

We are pleased to spread the word about a new music compilation release from the Dark Mountain Project, guided by the finely-tuned and freely-roaming ears of Marmaduke Dando. The entire release is well worth download and careful listening; as we write this, we are humming along with Telling the Bees:



The title for the release descends from Carl Sandburg, through a “panel” in his remarkable 1920 collection, Smoke and Steel. The first panel reads:




In position six, we find ashes laughing at ashes:




In the penultimate position 13, we find the scorched Fire Pages that caught the attention of the estimable Mr. Dando:




Still cleansing our souls from the toxic brew of leveraged singularity, we are stopped cold by what follows:




We look out at the snow on the meadows burning off into the storm drains, fire running as far as the sea, and shout all over God’s heaven; more Carl Sandburg next week.

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