The Sentient Forest

Despite copious evidence to the contrary, many technologically advanced humans cling to the belief that they embody the pinnacle of evolutionary biology. Once we accept the possibility that such deadly arrogance is misplaced, we might open our selves to the living world beyond and beneath us, and learn from far more evolved beings such as trees in their forests, or what survives of them after hundreds of years of human extraction.

Consider the following excerpt from Peter Wohlleben’s pioneering book, The Hidden Life of Trees. Images are pinged from the trailer for the important new documentary, Intelligent Trees.






Many humans suffer from the delusion that whatever they senselessly eradicate can be replaced with clever inventions, like — in the most recent perverse iteration — robobees. Scientists like Wohlleben and Suzanne Simard blaze a different path, one long embraced by surviving remnants of indigenous cultures, those the “advanced” humans have not obliterated. Guided by a deeper understanding of our living world, can we find the courage and wisdom to follow it?


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