By Its Very Nature

Soil scientist Fred Magdoff is co-author of Creating an Ecological Society: Toward A Revolutionary Transformation. In a recent Truthout interview, Magdoff summarizes his critique of the entrenched notion that extractive capitalism mirrors and embodies “human nature”.

Images are from a 1982 project by Agnes Denes, Wheatfield, during which  a 2-acre wheat field was planted on a landfill in lower Manhattan, two blocks from Wall Street and the former World Trade Center, while facing the Statue of Liberty.



In her Artist Statement for the project, Denes wrote:

Planting and harvesting a field of wheat on land worth $4.5 billion created a powerful paradox. Wheatfield was a symbol, a universal concept; it represented food, energy, commerce, world trade, and economics. It referred to mismanagement, waste, world hunger and ecological concerns. It called attention to our misplaced priorities.

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