Love & Rage

At the end of a week during which evidence of a deepening climate emergency continues to accumulate and accelerate, we relay a letter from the front lines of the Extinction Rebellion:

My name is Miriam and I live in Campeche, a coastal state in the south of Mexico. This is where the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs landed. Now we’re living through another extinction event, and this time humanity is the cause.

I knew about climate change and environmental pollution. Droughts and plastic bottles are everywhere in Mexico. But when the pandemic hit and we were all trapped inside our homes, I really started to research it all. I read about capitalism, about colonialism, about climate science. I realized system change was the only solution.

I thought I was alone, until I read a fabulous article that introduced me to Extinction Rebellion. I had found my people! But there was no XR group in Campeche. So I contacted rebels in Mexico city, and through them met the Latin America team of XR Global Support.



Today, you can say I am a full time rebel. XR Campeche, which I founded earlier this year, is 15 rebels strong and has brought non-violent direct action, and the beautiful Blue Brigade, to the streets of Mexico.

We recently connected with local groups all over the world to take part in the Debt For Climate campaign, handing out fake ‘XR money’ to spread awareness of the climate crisis.

None of this would have happened without the training, the funding, and the friendship of XR Global Support.

Here in Mexico, you have to be brave if you want to be an activist. Anyone who is not part of a mainstream political party is considered crazy, and the drug cartels have made it one of the most dangerous places to protest in the world.

But the politicians are not doing their job, and the media blinds people from the truth. We need a post-capitalist economy, and XR Campeche will keep campaigning to bring it about.

Donate to XR Global Support so groups like ours can keep telling people the truth in every region of the world.

Love & rage,

Miriam, XR Campeche





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