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All Hands On Deck

Now comes Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the novel Ministry for the Future, which has been making the rounds here at DP while the climate emergency becomes ever more acute, with increasingly dangerous consequences, not just for human communities, but for the whole of life on mother earth.

Below, a brief excerpt from a recent interview on the Bioneers website; the image, also relayed from Bioneers, links to Robinson’s excellent 2015 keynote address, even more relevant today.







Small Particle Parts

Now comes Lidia Yuknavitch, author of the novels The Book of JoanThe Small Backs of Children, and Dora: A Headcase; short story collection Verge; and of the memoir The Chronology of Water. Below, an excerpt from an essay for the increasingly indispensable Orion magazine; the image also relayed from Orion.