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Small Talk of Swallows

During times when the lethal addiction of human supremacism becomes ever more acute, we turn to the regrettably departed (2018) philosopher Mary Midgley with her response to the question, “What does it mean to be human?” Her title: On Not Needing To Be Omnipotent.

Images are from the studio of Olive Ayhens, with prophetic visions of New York City that date from the 1990s.






EDGE CITY (1997)





In closing, a poem by Ursula Le Guin within which we found this week’s title phrase:



With or without us, there will be the silence…



Nothing Goes One Way

Slightly over a year ago, Ursula Le Guin returned her vibrational richness to the universe. Below, a transcript of remarks delivered as the keynote for a 2014 conference, with a video link as well. Her words and her voice, raised on behalf of the whole of life, resonate more strongly and urgently with each passing day.





Our brutal reign as Lords of Creation is swiftly coming to an end; let us seek fresh connections to the whole of life.


Words In Freedom

We lament the silencing, in this world at least, of that infinitely playful and protean voice named Ursula Le Guin. From her A Few Words to a Young Writer:



From her 2014 acceptance speech at the National Book Foundation: