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Call and Response

We do not always judge a book by its epigraphs here at DP, but the below coupling most certainly captured our attention:

The book is titled Assembly, another (following Empire, almost twenty years ago, among others) fascinating collaboration between Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt, who turn their attentions to the possibilities and ambiguities of resistance movements as they attempt, in their “hive” multitudes, to both confront power and escape from it.

The entire book is available for perusal online; excerpts below, with images (added by DP) from the studio of Karen Kaapcke, whose extraordinary series of paintings from the days of Occupy capture the allure of the commons: vaster, partial, incomplete and ever expanding.









The book also carries an unusual and laudable dedication, which we amplify here through the DP megaphone, such as it is:


To which, in call & response style, we loudly sing:


In Defense of The Commons

Economist Guy Standing’s 2011 book The Precariat described how the neo-liberal brand of globalization creates a new and ever-expanding class of highly insecure and marginalized populations including migrants, debt-ridden students, temp workers, “gig” workers and below-subsistence workers and farmers.

In 2014, Standing next articulated the social and political consequences of widespread precarity in a A Precariat Charte, setting forth a program for a radical revitalization of the social contract centered around collective rights of association, individual and community agency and protections for the global commons.

During a recent interview published on Truthout, Standing discusses the relationship between precarity and environmental degradation. Excerpts below, with images from Urs Fischer’s 2017 show at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, The Public and The Private.